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Hi, my name is Martin Tüvi.

I absolutely love music and cool and beautiful videos. Put these two together and to me, something spectacular is born

About 2 months ago I watched the music video for Jason Mraz wonderful song “I Won’t Give Up” and was amazed both by the simplicity and beauty of it. It isn't a typical music video (the band isn't featured in it) but for me it works even better to just bring people the meaning of the song. While watching it, Tunected took form in my head for the first time.



Right after that of my friend’s band wanted to get a video for their song but they didn’t have enough money to record one. So they made a topic to a musician’s community asking if someone would be willing to work with them to create a video for their song.

A videographer they didn’t know yet took up their request, made a cool but simple video for that song all by himself and presented it within that same community. The band absolutely loved it and so did the fans and other community users.

The band got a cool video, the videographer was given a very warm welcome to that community and also got his name out to the music business and the fans got an audiovisual treat – everybody won.



After that I decided that even if there’s a slight chance that I’d be able to create the first online environment where new music videos could be born, I will do it – I decided that the idea of Tunected has to become reality.

On the 22th of April 2012, after quit a bit of planning and brainstorming, Tunected was launched by a team who absolutely loved the idea and is now working with Tunected every day.

We wanted to keep Tunected as simple and enjoyable as possible for all types of users and we like to believe that we’ve achieved that – even if on a small scale :)

At first it took a bit time to explain the whole concept of the project because the term “music video” associates to people as a video where musicians are features in. Videos in Tunected are constructed around the music to complement and illustrate it.

This doesn’t mean they’re not music videos as the idea for the video comes from within the music and is created for the music.


We understood that motivators for musicians would be getting videos to their songs and didn’t really worry about them joining in to the project.

With video makers it was a bit more complicated because they have to do a lot more work. We were afraid that they might not be motivated enough so we decided to put out an award for the public favorite and in addition to that give the possibility for musician’s to put out awards by themselves.

What we thought was wrong.

Most video makers in Tunected absolutely love the idea of collaborating with musicians and loved the whole platform so the award is only one of the many reasons they have decided to join. The biggest reason is love for making videos and creating something new.

The same goes to the musicians in Tunected. They love music, music videos and want to connect with other creative people.

Without these people, Tunected wouldn’t be able to exist.


Still we understood that videographers have to pay their bills. Because of that we started working with companies that are interested in hiring freelance videographers to motivate our dear video makers even more. So having an upstanding portfolio in Tunected is a good place to get hired as a freelancer videographer.

This is also good news for musicians as they are the ones who have the possibility to get more and more awesome videos for their tunes.

You are reading this via the Tunected stories which we created to show you what’s behind the creation (music and videos) in Tunected and also introduce you the wonderful and talented artists that have decided to commit to working with us. Everybody has a story to tell and we want you to tell it!


We want Tunected to become the platform where all musicians have the possibility to get a music video and reach out to new fans and where videographers can find a new way how to realize their creation, find new people to work with and in the near future, earn money.

Each song has a story and an emotion within. Every musician has a story because of what that song has been born after all. Same goes to the video makers who pick that song, that story, that emotion and give their own interpretation of it via a video. What happens then is that two forms of creations are being connected… music is being interpreted through picture… two different stories are joined to create one new story. If that’s not art then I don’t know what is.

Both musicians and video makers in Tunected have given us so much positive feedback because of which we have decided to continue with the platform whatever obstacles we encounter!

I want to say thank you on behalf of the Tunected team to everyone who have joined us already and who are yet to join.

And of course the biggest thanks go to all of the fantastic artists in our platform – you are the reason Tunected was created and are the key to keeping it going.

With the best of wishes

Martin Tüvi




Comments (252)

00:19 July 21, 2012

Like FaceBook, Twitter and all the other social-networking sites, I think Tunected is perhaps the tip of the next wave of innovative online networking sites. It's a great idea whose time had come, and you Martin, somehow got privy to that information. Bravo. I will also be around to help boost what I think is your stellar idea, and like you stated, it's a win-win situation, so to me there's simply no room for contemplating otherwise. Let's go.

11:27 July 23, 2012

LGOP thank you for the encouragement. As said, this kind of feedback keeps us going. We're all looking forward to seeing some of your new work and also hearing your story :)

Marco Mezzavilla
16:15 July 27, 2012

That's fantastic! Tunected shapes and concretizes my passion for music&videos.. thanks Martin!
I really find myself among your words, and I look forward to be sharing with all of you my musical visions :)


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